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Check Point co-sell success

Cybersecurity company Check Point increases revenue and gains new customers through co-selling with Microsoft and hosting 40+ joint events.

Co-selling helps Check Point win business with companies like Denham Capital

Cybersecurity company Check Point partners with Microsoft to create synergy in go-to-market and channel efforts

Go-to-market synergy

Check Point partners with Microsoft to provide a broader go-to-market approach.

Joint event success

Check Point co-hosts hackathons and regional events with Microsoft to engage customers.

Increased revenue, new customers

Co-selling leads to a 150% increase in revenue and 800 prominent new customers.

Looking for a broader go-to-market approach

According to Donald Meyer, market leading cybersecurity company Check Point has a long-standing relationship with Microsoft that dates back to the late 1990’s. Since then, the two companies have developed an integrated approach on several fronts. “Since we’re both laser-focused on enterprise-level customers, there’s a lot of synergy not only in our go-to-market efforts but also in our channels,” Meyer said. “We have been partnering very closely with a lot of our common channel partners to provide a much broader go-to-market approach, where it’s kind of the one-plus-one equals three model.”

Check Point produces a variety of security solutions that augment Microsoft products and services. "We have an advanced security solution for Microsoft Azure that enhances native Azure controls to protect customers’ Azure environments against malware and zero-day threats, yet tuned to the dynamic and elastic nature of cloud-based networks,” said Meyer, who is the Head of Marketing for Cloud Security at Check Point. “We also offer a leading threat prevention solution for Office 365 email that actively blocks both known and unknown malware from ever reaching end-users.”

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Engaging customers at over 40 joint events

Meyer said there are several benefits the company receives from co-selling with Microsoft. “First and foremost, customers definitely like the joint approach. They like that we are two partners that really understand the business side of things and are working actively to provide a very well-integrated and yet fully ready-for-prime-time solution,” he said.

Check Point has participated in over 40 joint events with Microsoft in the US, as well as multiple engagements in other regions worldwide. “We get good traction with some of the larger events, but we also do joint customer hackathon sessions and smaller regional events, where we’ll bring the Microsoft teams together and have them talk about Azure or Office 365. Then we talk about some of the security capabilities that we bring to really round out the solution. We help our customers realize the benefits of the two organizations, the level of integrations that we have, and how it can help them propel their businesses forward. We find this approach to be exceedingly effective.”

“Since we started co-selling with Microsoft, our revenue has gone up 150%, and we have won new business with over 800 prominent new customers, including Denham Capital.”

— Itai Greenberg, Head of Cloud Security Business Unit, Check Point Software Technologies

Co-selling leads to increased revenue and hundreds of new customers

According to Itai Greenberg, who is the Head of the Cloud Security Business Unit at Check Point, co-selling with Microsoft has led to concrete results. “Since we started co-selling with Microsoft, our revenue has gone up 150%, and we have won new business with 800 prominent new customers, including Denham Capital.”

Co-selling also helps Check Point close deals more quickly. “It helps to speed up the sales cycle when we jointly go in to customer accounts together,” Meyer said. “Customers see the benefits of Microsoft Azure or Office 365. They get that. But they’re also hearing from Microsoft about the benefit of the Check Point relationship from Microsoft’s perspective. Likewise, we reiterate the same thing. Here’s the benefits you get from Check Point and the benefits you get from a joint Check Point-Microsoft solution. Customers really resonate with that, and it is helping to accelerate our sales process.”

Having a strong co-sell relationship with Microsoft means that Check Point can stay up to date on new developments with Microsoft products and services, Meyer said. “It allows us to stay in sync with respect to releases and additional functionality, and we can start to look at ways of developing our capabilities and our software to delve into areas that our customers are really concerned about.”

Check Point and Microsoft impress Denham Capital with joint approach

One customer that benefitted from Check Point and Microsoft’s co-selling approach was global energy and resources private equity firm Denham Capital. According to Meyer, Denham Capital was looking for a logical way to augment its on-premises data center with a cloud-enabled infrastructure so it could achieve more of an ability to respond to developments in real time but at the same time lower its overall IT spend.

“They actually brought Check Point and Microsoft together to sit down and architect a cloud solution for them that incorporated not only all the different networking elements that were required, but also the same security that they were comfortable with,” Meyer said. “They wanted to bring that into a cloud-enabled infrastructure and do it seamlessly so that they could start migrating more of their workloads and eventually become just a cloud infrastructure organization.”

Meyer said Denham Capital was pleased not only with the solution that Check Point and Microsoft produced, but also with the co-selling approach the two companies employed. “Denham Capital has been exceedingly pleased with the level of interaction between the Microsoft and Check Point teams, to be able to sit together and look at the problem from a customer perspective, and come up with a very elegant solution. They have since rolled out the solution, and actually now they’re on pace to completely move off of their premises-based infrastructure into an Azure/Check Point secure Azure cloud environment.”

Meyer said that collaboration between Check Point and Microsoft has helped them develop a more intelligent approach to selling that he looks forward to continuing to utilize. “The level of engagement we have with Microsoft reps and counterparts across the various regions helps us to do more account mapping, look for better opportunities, and be smarter as we go to market,” he said.

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