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Surface Enrollment

New to Surface? We're glad you're here. Take a minute to learn about selling Surface. Each of the resources below will help you get started on your Surface journey.

Surface Authorized Reseller Enrollment

To become an Authorized Reseller, new partners are required to complete an enrollment process and to opt-in to global program terms prior to finalizing any transactions. Enrollment will enable you to have access to future world-class Surface products and programs. Just as you do today, you can continue to leverage your Microsoft Authorized Device Distributor for sales and enablement tools.

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Become a Surface Reseller

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Surface Reseller enrollment overview

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Associate your Microsoft Account with an PartnerID

Learn how to associate your Microsoft Account with a Microsoft Partner Network ID to increase your partner footprint. Once your account is associated, you will be able to access more training and readiness materials across all Microsoft products.

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How to associate your account to your company PartnerID

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PartnerU site login instructions

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Ethics and Integrity training

Surface Hub Reseller Enrollment

Join the Surface Hub momentum through a new category of Surface Hub hardware, services, and solutions. When you become an Surface Hub Reseller, you’ll be able to resell Surface Hub, access services through an Authorized Device Distributor, and become part of the Microsoft partner ecosystem.

Surface Hub 2S

Become a Surface Hub Reseller

Surface Hub 2S

Surface Hub Reseller enrollment overview

Surface Reseller Alliance competency tiers

Check out the newly released Surface Reseller Alliance tier levels and learn what it takes to take yourself from an Associate Seller all the way up to Ultimate Seller status. With access to online training, monthly newsletters, webinars, and more, you'll be selling more with Surface in no time.

No matter where you are in your Surface journey these resources are here to help

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Partner University

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Partner Newsletter

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Partner Briefing

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New Offers