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SRA Help

Browse the SRA help page for support accessing and utilizing the Surface Reseller Alliance for partners.

Access Instructions

How can I access the Surface Reseller Alliance Portal?

Find out how to enroll as a Surface PC Reseller or Surface Hub Reseller to gain access to the Surface Reseller Alliance (SRA) Portal.

Account admins can manage SRA Portal access in Partner Center. To find your account admins to request access, click My access and select workspace. Admins will then need to create user account and assign roles to grant access to employees.

1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Settings (gear).
2. Select the Account settings workspace and then User management.
3. Select Add user.
4. In Add user, select Create new users.
5. Enter the user's full name and unique email address.
6. Select the user roles that you want to assign to the user including Membership
7. Select Add to create the user account.
8. Confirm the user information displayed on the next page, and make a copy the user sign-in information.
9. Send the information to the new user.

Access issues

Surface Partner Network information is stored in your cookies, and sometimes those become too long to read, resulting in a 404 error. If this occurs, please clear your browser cache and cookies, and close and reopen your browser.

Partner University is its own entity, separate from SRA. Learn about Partner University access here, and for any additional support related to Partner University, you’ll have to reach out to Microsoft Partner Network Support, and they can either assist or put you in contact with admin support for Partner University.

The Operations Readiness Portal is separate from SRA, and Surface PC and Surface Hub Readiness links are managed by the Readiness team. Please contact for support.

The Surface Asset Gallery houses all Surface-related assets. We recommend using the filters and search bar to locate what you need:

  • The filters on the left-hand side are for sorting. These limit gallery results to only assets that are tagged with all selected filters.
  • The search bar is for finding assets with word(s) that exist in the title, description, or metadata.
  • Both the sorting filters and the search bar can be combined while searching - we recommend starting the search broad and refining down.
  • Assets are ordered in the gallery by date of upload or when they were last updated.


If you are unable to find what you need, please contact for more info.

Additional support


For more assistance, please reach out to a Surface Reseller Alliance Portal team member by emailing

Support videos

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Navigating SRA

Watch this video for help navigating the SRA Portal.