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Our team provides pre-sales support to Surface partners. We curate commonly asked questions making them available in the FAQ below. We also provide a concierge service to Surface partners for new questions. Ask us about Surface product information, partner resources, device deployment and management, sales assistance, certifications and sustainability.

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Meet the new AI PCs

Announcing Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10, powerful and secure AI PCs designed to accelerate your Copilot experiences. Built on Windows 11 and the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra processors.

Product technical documents for new and existing Surface Products can be found on the Product environmental and safety documents page. Examples of the documentation and certifications that can be found here include Declarations of Conformity, ENERGY STAR Certifications, EPEAT Ecolabels, and UN test summaries. For further assistance with documentation/certification requests, feel free to ask the concierge.

Effective March 31, 2024, Microsoft will no longer offer Windows 10 Pro as a downgrade choice in operating systems on devices delivered from the factory, making it the last date on which our Surface partners may sell PCs with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled with a Windows 11 Pro license. PCs with Windows 10 Pro preinstalled may continue to be sold, but the last date new orders were accepted by Microsoft was March 8, 2024. Any existing Windows 10 DC inventory can be ordered until supplies run out. After March 31, 2024, customers will need to manage the Windows 10 Pro installation process themselves when utilizing the Windows 11 Pro downgrade rights allowed by the OEM EULA or exercise Software Assurance rights with volume license agreements to run the old version on new hardware.

Accessories are a crucial part of employees making Surface Pro 10 their own. Many Designed for Surface options are available to build the ultimate workspace. These are especially important for employees who need more adaptive workspaces to meet their accessibility requirements. Below are recommended accessories for the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Surface pre-sales

Product Information & Specifications

Product fact sheets, FAQs, pitch decks on the latest surface products, along with the partner-ready campaigns and websites are on the Surface Portfolio page. Additionally, sales, technical, and marketing assets for each product including Surface laptops, Pros, Go, Hub, Duos Studio, and accessories are available.
    Customer-ready content is on the Security. Assets include pitch decks, eBooks, emails, flyers, social and web, images, and resources.  These assets align to the Surface for Business Security Narratives:
    Built-in security at every layer
    Maintain secure control of every device
    Secure from deployment to decommission
You can access the accessibility requirements for specific Surface devices via the Accessibility Conformance Reports website. Conformance reports are added on a rolling basis as they become available. Search for the report by the specific product of interest and download the report for your geo.

Partner Resources

The Surface Reseller Alliance portal is the primary source for sales and marketing resources for Surface Partners and information about Surface partner programs. Some pages contain information and assets only available to registered Surface partners. To register as a Surface partner, go to the enrollment page.

Surface Partner webinars and trainings are available for you to obtain the latest readiness materials related to the Surface portfolio as well as partner specific sales topics.

In addition to this, you can utilize ExpertZone to level up on skilling using your Partner Center log-in credentials:

The Operations Readiness resource gallery is where you can find the latest product updates, MSRP, partner launch calendars, and key operational readiness resources across all Microsoft channels and programs – information for Surface Hub and Surface PC is included.

The Microsoft Readiness team manages the Surface PC and Surface Hub Readiness links.

Please contact for any support needed in that area or submit a ticket to our Surface Concierge.

Email the Device Reseller Cosmic Team at to resolve registration questions.

Surface incentives are available on Partner Center ( After signing into Partner Center, click the “Incentives” link under the “Enrolled” section of the page to see an overview of your incentive earnings, payments, and programs.

For additional information, please refer to this step-by-step guide on How to contact support for help with incentives (

Device Deployment & Management

Microsoft Support now has a simplified process of registering Surface devices for Windows Autopilot deployment. Visit Surface Registration Support for Windows Autopilot - Surface.

Check the Surface driver and firmware lifecycle guidance. If your device has reached end of life, leverage the End-of-life management and recycling resources to help you safely upcycle or recycle your devices.

Sales Assistance

Please contact your preferred Surface distributor to request customer pricing.

Submit special pricing and deal registration requests through the NextGen Pricing Portal.

Microsoft is committed to supporting and rewarding eligible partners for their proactive device selling motions. Microsoft has developed multiple programs to drive upfront discounts for our channel partners. These programs fall into three categories:

  • Deal Registration. Deal Registration rewards Resellers for their pre-sales investments for Microsoft Device opportunities.
  • Volume Discount Programs. Microsoft’s Volume Discount Programs, Accelerate Pricing Program, and Special Pricing approve upfront discounts based on deal size and business case to help Resellers and Distributors position Microsoft Devices competitively.
    • The Special Pricing program evaluates large volume opportunities (1000+ units) and awards incremental discounts for high volume and strategic deals. Discounts are based on various factors and, if awarded, may vary by SKU. The credit will be paid out to the Distributors through the Credit memo process.
    • The Accelerate Pricing Program is the first Microsoft consumption-based pricing model for hardware to the program incentivizes partners to acquire new Surface customers and drive growth in existing accounts. This program rewarding customer loyalty and purchases without requiring a volume commitment.

Focus Program. Microsoft introduces programs for special focus areas from time to time. E.g., Multi-National Program.

Country specific offers can be found here on the Surface Reseller Alliance portal.

Find and download content that review and outlines Surface protection plans in the Surface Warranty & Protection Plan Collection including service and repair options.

If you have specific questions related to warranty, please have your Microsoft PDM submit a ticket to the Partner Device Desk that handles post-sales and warranty specific questions.

For help with Surface devices, you can visit our customer facing Surface devices help page to access the surface diagnostic toolkit and contact our support team for more options.


All current Microsoft Surface laptops and 2-in-1 devices have achieved EPEAT gold in the U.S. and Canada. This is the highest rating offered by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT).

We have also adapted our commercial packaging, with a design focus on customer needs and sustainability. We developed with our customers and partners in mind and adapted our Surface commercial packaging to better align with commercial channel requirements and improve the partner experience. 

With our new commercial packaging, we reduced weight and volume by over 30%, increased the number of recycled materials to 70%, and reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by over 40% compared to our historical retail packaging. In addition, we redesigned the packaging to break it down into completely flat pieces, encouraging recycling.

If your question is not included in the list above, please ask the Concierge!

Our standard initial response time is 24 hours. If your issue requires more prompt attention, please contact your Surface Partner Development Manager (PDM) or Surface distributor for immediate assistance.