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CAF Tools

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) for Azure

The cloud presents a fundamental shift in the way the enterprises procure and use technology resources. In the past, enterprises assumed ownership and responsibility of all levels of technology from infrastructure to software. Now, the cloud offers the potential to transform the way enterprises use technology by provisioning and consuming resources as needed. While the cloud offers nearly unlimited flexibility in terms of design choices, enterprises seek proven and consistent methodology for the adoption of cloud technologies. The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) provides the desired framework to guide decisions through adoption.

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App Service Migration Tools

Our App Service Migration Assessment Tool can scan any public URL and determine if the site is a good candidate for migration with assessment report as an output. Then our Migration Assistant Tool can be used to migrate apps to App Service.

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

Available for Customers or Partners to view
Available for Customers or Partners to view and estimate the cost savings that can be realised by migrating workloads to Azure. Our TCO Calculator will measure your requirements and recommend a set of equivalent services in Azure that will support your applications. The analysis will break down each cost area with an estimate of your on-premises spend in comparison to what it would cost in Azure, including the costs that will decrease or be eliminated completely as you move workloads over to the cloud.

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Azure Migrate

Use Azure Migrate to understand the potential for how to migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure from your on-premises environment. Learn how to further optimise and accelerate your move to Azure with confidence using our specialised Hyper-V & VMware and Database Migration Services.


Azure Hybrid Benefit

Azure is the only hybrid cloud to help you migrate your apps, data and infrastructure with cost-effective and flexible paths, comfortably and at your own pace. Find out how to access and leverage hybrid benefits for your Windows or SQL Server migration.

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