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AI Future Ready

AI is changing the world, are you ready? Get future ready here with courses for Practice & Business Managers and IT Professionals.

Why AI?

52% of New Zealand businesses say AI will be and already is a game changer in the way their business operate. Be part of the next wave and don’t be left behind.

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Practice and Business Managers

Are you building or expanding an AI practice? Learn how to define your strategy, hire and train resources, market your products and build deeper customer engagements through managed services.

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IT Professionals

Get up to speed with free online courses from AI School. Start learning the basics through to advanced concepts and validate your skills with Microsoft Data certification exams.

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"Today we don’t think of aviation as ‘artificial flight’—it’s simply flight. In the same way, we shouldn’t think of technological intelligence as artificial, but rather as intelligence that serves to augment human capabilities and capacities.”

– Satya Nadella

Get Future Ready now

Get started in AI simply as a user of a library or AI service then go deeper increasing your skills. It's not all or nothing before you start creating value. Learn at your own pace with free online courses and start infusing AI into your solutions and services now.

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Introduction to Machine Learning

Learn how to prepare data, build and deploy models with our quickstarts and tutorials using a variety of compute services in Azure to store and process data.

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Getting started with Bot Framework

The Bot Framework is a platform for building, connecting, testing, and deploying powerful and intelligent bots. You can quickly start building bots with the Azure Bot Service.

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Cognitive Services – Face Recognition

Microsoft Face algorithms enable face attribute detection and face recognition. Learn how to use Microsoft cloud-based Face API to analyse content in different ways.

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AI empowers us to change the world

Innovation doesn’t see the possibility of tomorrow, it creates tomorrow.

AI News & Resources

Competitive pressures are a key factor for AI adoption among NZ businesses

Reza Rad, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, consultant and trainer, talks about AI trends on the NZ market.

The impact of AI on New Zealand businesses

The impact of AI on New Zealand businesses – and how to ensure you don’t get left behind.

How is AI helping New Zealand businesses grow?

The sooner we understand AI better, the sooner we can all benefit from its undeniable ability to transform businesses.

‘The Future Computed’ Berlin launch event

AI and its role in society: watch Microsoft President Brad Smith’s speech at the Microsoft Berlin office.