Two colleagues collaborate by using HoloLens

HoloLens and Azure have given wings to virtual design teams

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Innovative design is a critical element of today’s business. Modern enterprises heavily reply on advanced technology to conduct complex design work across companies, industries, regions, and nations. Based on Microsoft mixed reality and cloud computing technology, Jingteng’s Holologic mixed-reality interactive platform represents the latest innovation in digital design presentation, interaction, and collaboration technology. The platform effectively supports synchronous and asynchronous design, enable designers work on their own projects independently or work together as a team on different aspects of the same project online and in real-time. Since its introduction, Holologic has been broadly accepted by design, architecture, manufacturing, medical, and other leading industries.

Low synergy between design and other teams

PC, design software, email, instant messaging, high-speed data transmission and file sharing has greatly improved designers’ productivity, but collaboration among designers and coordination with IT, construction, and project management remain low. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the average designer spends at least 40 percent of his or her time on searching and validating useful information.

2D tools cannot effectively show 3D design characteristics

Most design work revolves around 3D models. Limitation of two-dimensional paper and screen make it difficult to visualize abstraction and spatial relativity of 3D objects. Large-scale projects involve multiple designers and groups. Needs for close collaboration often require them to work together side-by-side in the same location, resulting in high project costs.

Key features

  • Develop, review, and evaluate 3D holographic design individually or as a team from anywhere in the world.
  • 360-degree view of 1:1 holographic model from different angles, and use gestures to scale, rotate, and pivot.
  • Upload 3D models to the Holologic platform, share draft design, and invite others from inside and outside of the company to participate.

Holologic solution overview

At the core of Jingteng Holologic MR interactive collaboration platform is Microsoft HoloLens and Microsoft Azure. In addition to interactive display of 3D holographic images, this custom-designed industry solution also has built-in cloud-based utilities to support team collaboration, including identity management, rights management, content publishing and sharing, synchronization log, and real-time communications.

Giving designers a holographic perspective

HoloLens has no cable attached. Designers are free to move around and observe the object in different ways. Environmental awareness and gesture recognition keep track of everyone’s viewing angle and gesture, no matter where they are physically located in the world. This unfettered and collective design approach creates an interactive experience making virtual teamwork totally natural and productive.

Key benefits

  • Natural interaction with 3D holographic objects provide designers with new creative experiences not possible before.
  • Breakthrough geographical constrain allows designers to collaborate their work visually and remotely.
  • Auto recording of viewpoint and angle effectively enhance value of hidden information during the design process.
  • Cloud-based platform creates synergy for cross-geo and cross-functional teams, reducing design cycle and costs.

Common vision, close partnership

  • The Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) certification is a proof of Jingteng’s strength, a powerful symbol of a committed partnership, and a strong endorsement from the esteemed Microsoft brand. Close association with Microsoft and the prestigious MRPP credential has won us more customer recognition, enhanced our brand, and generated greater business return.
  • As an MRPP partner, we benefited from solid technical support and sound business advice. Microsoft has provided a lot of design ideas and technical training for our engineers in Microsoft Redmond Headquarters.


  • Microsoft's rich portfolio of reference cases saved Jingteng 50 percent resources on feasibility studies, which we redeploy for product and service development.
  • Various MRPP-sponsored partner marketing activities helped secure more than 20 high-profile enterprise customers nationwide and laid a solid foundation for industry development.
  • To further enhance Holologic and make it more powerful, Jingteng is taking advantage of Microsoft technology stacks such as Cognitive Services, Business Intelligence, Multilingual Collaboration, and Data Visualization.