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FY24 Marketing Campaigns

Surface digital marketing campaigns intended to capture prospects, accelerate consideration, and nurture leads.

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Surface & Security: Cyber Resilience & device choice

Marketing Resources

Partner Incentives Cooperative Marketing Fund (Co-op)

Co-op is a critical investment for Microsoft in driving key business priorities with partners.

Important Dates:

Co-op Funds Earning Period

Co-op Funds Usage Period

Claim Deadline

POE Deadline

FY23 H1 (Jul – Dec 2022)
FY23 H2 (Jan – Jun 2023)
August 15, 2023
September 30, 2023
FY23 H2 (Jan – Jun 2023)
FY24 H1 (Jul – Dec 2023)
February 15, 2024
March 31, 2024

Surface Co-op Partner Marketing Planning

PDM plan approval is required Proof of Execution (POE) for ALL Surface claims. 


Align marketing activities to Surface business priorities.

Information about submitting and managing claims, as well as accessing Incentives Support from within Partner Center, can be found in the Co-op Claiming Experience Guide

Other helpful co-op resources such as the Guidebook can be found here: Co-op Funds Resources (


Digital Marketing Content OnDemand

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand is an automated marketing platform provided at no charge to Microsoft Partners that delivers comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that enable partners to efficiently execute lead gen marketing.

Get Started

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Help partners capture new customers

Reach new customers and engage existing customers to drive awareness, consideration, and purchase intent of Surface devices.

Build your digital presence with consistent on-line engagement.
Save time with automated posting to digital channels.
Generate and track leads.
Enable consistent lead gen

Receive weekly comprehensive digital marketing content to share across media channels to capture leads and drive sales.

Customize prescribed tweets, social statuses, blog posts and emails before posting.
Dynamic co-branding with partner logo.
Easy access to activity reporting and lead scoring.
Go-to-market with Surface

Surface Partners who have signed up for the Microsoft Surface channel will receive weekly curated, customizable content related to our Surface marketing themes.

Generate leads with proven Surface assets.
Download to-partner pitch decks and resources.
Receive fully integrated Surface themed campaigns.