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Surface Pro X on white desk

FY21 Marketing Plays

Learn about the Surface marketing themes and explore digital assets.


Organizations that can navigate and succeed in times of change have one thing in common—they are resilient. In the midst of the changing workplace, Microsoft Surface and Microsoft 365 enable teams to be more productive and improve collaboration—all within a secure environment.

Microsoft resilience image
Surface Hub 2S with Microsoft Teams

The Hybrid Workplace

Business leaders need to build a hybrid workplace model that enables employee collaboration and that empowers employees with the right tools, all while keeping company data secure. As businesses reimagine the future of work, learn how Microsoft Surface together with Microsoft 365 deliver the innovation that helps unlock new, more agile ways of working from anywhere.

Surface Business Value

Organizations consistently face challenges with deploying devices and maintaining security while keeping teams productive and efficient. Surface and Microsoft 365, supported by Windows, deliver a more efficient and secure platform while producing cost benefits and reducing complexity.

Adult working on Surface Book 3
Hand holding Surface Go 2

Modern Management

Managing endpoint devices in today’s enterprise is an increasingly complex—and often frustrating—activity. Microsoft makes deployment simple. With "zero-touch", Microsoft Surface devices go from factory-sealed to work-ready in a matter of minutes. Keep data secure from a Surface device’s first deployment to its last, no matter how many times and under what circumstances it changes hands.


Improving security is a top driver of IT investments in the year ahead. In an age of rising security threats, businesses need protection across multiple layers. With built-in protection at every layer, Microsoft Surface implements every standard for a highly secure Windows 10 device.

Adult working on Surface Book 3
Young students working on Surface Go

Surface for Education

Bring teachers and students together wherever they are and however they work best. Let Surface help you redesign the classroom with devices that meet the needs of everyone.