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Modern Workplace

Practice Areas

Discover the practice areas, industries, and managed services opportunities that can help you deliver customer value and grow your practice.

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Modern Desktop

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Security and Compliance

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Intelligent Communications

Discover the opportunity

Explore Microsoft security solutions to help customers of all sizes protect critical data, guard against threats, and manage access with full control.

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Identity and access management

Protect users’ identities and control access to valuable resources.

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Information Protection

Ensure documents are seen only by authorized people.

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Threat Protection

Protect against advanced threats and recover quickly when attacked.

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Security Management

Gain visibility and control over security tools.

displaying US $120 billion

Worldwide security-related revenue by 2021

IDC, Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide. March 2018.

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Companies that expect to be fully GDPR compliant within 12 months

Forrester Analytics, Global Business Technographs® Priorities and Journey Survey, 2018.

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Partner Playbook

Learn how to grow your business with our security solutions.

Start your training

Kick start your training with these resources to accelerate your technical capabilities in Microsoft 365.

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Security assessment workshop materials

Get the tools you need to assess your customer’s current security stature and develop a comprehensive action plan.

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Microsoft 365 Business deployment toolkit

Use these resources to design and coordinate a Microsoft 365 Business deployment.

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Start your technical journey

Accelerate your technical capabilities with a guided path of technical webinars and consultations.

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Advanced training resources

Get the skills you need to set up, grow, and fine-tune a security practice through our curated learning paths.

Go to Market with Practice Toolbox

This toolbox will help prepare you to go to market and building a profitable security practice.

Grow your practice

Explore some of the ways Microsoft can help you get on the path to scalability and profitability.

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Get skilled in Security

Ensure security and compliance as you work through customer projects by leveraging the latest webinars and consultations.

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Intelligent Security Presales Consultation

Receive technical guidance as you design the security details for your customers' solutions during this one-on-one consultation.

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Intelligent Security Deployment Consult

Ensure a smooth cloud deployment with personalized configuration, design, and deployment guidance from Microsoft 365 expert.

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Connect Partner Update

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